Major Setback

So I totally forgot about this blog and have totally failed on my paleo goals…

The end of 2013 was tough – bouts of paleo combined with lots of sugar and wheat… Stress got the better of me when my boyfriend and I broke up in September and I had tons of exams in dentistry.

I am vowing to myself to make 2014 different. I am almost at my highest weight again as I have eaten terribly over the holidays. I am depressed over how fat I am compared to my size 0/2 sisters. I’ve gained extra fat in my arms and legs and don’t feel as comfortable in my clothes as I used to. I really need to make a change and stick to it.

I am going to focus on meal planning and prep my meals ahead for the week. I am going to adopt the perfect health diet as I feel I need more carbs right now to combat my sugar cravings. I want to completely cut out sugar, wheat, legumes, and unhealthy oils.

I’m sick of being the fat girl!


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