Today was okay. I did better at least on the paleo side of things. I’d say I was 80% paleo. Still not good enough though!

Had to write an essay so I went to starbucks and redeemed my free birthday drink to get that temptation out of the way. I had such a sugar high and then had a crash shortly thereafter – clear indication as to why sugar is bad! I also felt kind of depressed around dinner time when I was talking to my boyfriend on the phone. Maybe it was just a placebo effect because I know how bad sugar is, or maybe it really was the sugar… Who knows… All I know is that it is gone tomorrow! No more sugar (tonight in my coffee). Lol

My mom also gave me a container of greek yogurt on the weekend so I had to finish that off too today.

Plus, I didn’t even go to the gym because I was feeling too tired. Darn sugar, always bringing me down!

Tomorrow is a new day. I have a roast in the oven, my lunch is packed, and I have a swimming date with my friend. Need to start the triathlon training!

(my grammar and punctuation really goes down the drain in these blog posts)


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